Winner of the international I.F.A. of the year award 1996.

“International Money Marketing”, April 1997

For this year’s IMM Awards, we decided to give the market the chance to recognise those advisers who have made the biggest impression on the offshore market in recent times.

These awards were based on a ‘faxback’ survey conducted by IMM among international product providers and key IFAs.

The IMM Award for ‘Insurance IFA of the Year’ was given to Rodney Leonard of UK based IFA firm Cheshire Trafford. Rod’s firm is one of the leading brokerage firms in the north of England and he has been a stong supporter of the offshore product promoters operating in the UK.

He says, “to be in a gathering of such high quality people was a great privilege. It was a fantastic event.” He adds that 70-80% of his time is spent dealing with offshore companies.